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Business Opportunities

Time is Money:

C-9 plane flying over Great Falls International Airport
  • We support aggressive schedules
  • Streamlined cost effective financing
  • Streamlined permitting
  • Efficient quality construction


Foreign Trade Zone:

Airport Runway

The foreign trade zone offers unique advantages to manufacturer's allowing duty free import of raw material, storage of inventory and export of finished products for manufacturers operating in the zone.


To download our foreign trade zone schedule, click here.



Lease and Development:

Airport land and buildings
  • Federal Express Regional Hub
  • Onsite international cargo handling
  • Supply chain servicing
  • Reduced shipping rates
  • Runways capable of servicing the largest aircraft
  • Category III Runway
  • 24-Hour Tower/US Customs
  • Dependable flying weather
  • Lease rates 1.68% above airport's cost to build facility
  • Grants credit lease rates 100%
  • Premium facility matched with unparalleled operations environment
  • Tenant driven master planning
  • Great Falls can provide the best solution to your long term facility and operational needs
  • Our team of professionals can meet at your convenience to define our approach to meet your needs