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About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of the Great Falls International Airport Authority is to optimize transportation services and development in our region by partnering with others to create innovative solutions in a timely manner.

Aerial photo of the Airport from the northeast

Guiding Principles

As board members and staff of the Great Falls International Airport Authority, we believe:

  • in data driven decision-making.
  • transportation is a catalyst to economic development and the stability of the community and facilitates the human, cultural and social experience..
  • transportation is a vital part of a healthy and vibrant community..
  • the global market is at our doorstep..
  • in providing a safe, effecient and attractive environment for transportation services..
  • in striving for appropriate open and respectful relations..
  • in providing good stewardship of airport revenues..
  • in acting with integrity in all relationships..
  • that our future is as important as our present.

Goal Statements

  1. Provide a vibrant, community used facility..
  2. Optimize air traffic growth in commercial, general aviation, cargo, Air Guard, and other military..
  3. Develop aviation related ground operations, i.e.–ground distribution..
  4. Create, implement and refine the Master Plan..
  5. Continue to build a stronger team of staff by transforming our organization to meet the changing needs of our community..
  6. Maintain our strong financial position..
  7. Be prepared for commercial airline negotiations in 2002.

Organizational Chart

Great Falls Airport Authority Organizational Chart